A Culinary Journey (the start)

" It's not the perfect and the most amazing industry you imagine it to be and most of the people leave it within a year, It should be more of a hobby than a goal," said every one to a 15 year old obsessed with the idea of food and cooking even though I was taught from the beginning that the only respectable and prestigious positions which will give me a good place in the society are as an engineer or a doctor. Every time I talked about being a chef, my father told me it's something people do when they're not smart enough or don't have any other option, As one would expect from a typical conservative Indian family but the best thing about being a kid is you don't let all that bull crap get to you and the funniest thing would be to classify everything you don't agree with as bull-crap.

One does not stay a kid forever, and as time went by I gave in to the pressure and decided to pursue engineering as decided by my father. After almost a year of trying and failing miserably in every module and being ashamed of the lack of knowledge I had compared to my classmates was very humiliating, there was this constant feeling that I don't belong here.

After a very rough year, I said to myself I am not the brightest one here because this is not what I want for me, then I questioned myself; what if you fail in the culinary industry too? and right back came the answer, I would be failing in something I love and I decided for myself. If I stay here I will be wondering for the rest of my life what if I had gathered some courage and went after my goals, would my life had been turned out better? and I would be blaming my parents for the rest of my life.

Now came the tough part, convincing my family, it was hard, I dropped out of college and took a job at a call centre after almost six months thought this is my life now but then my parents went through a divorce and my mom agreed to send me to London to pursue culinary arts management. My mom is just a housewife so I had to take a huge loan to come to London, I was happy, anxious, frightened overwhelmed with emotions.

The day finally came after a few sleepless months of university and visa applications, I finally arrived in London I was happy that a new chapter was starting for me but I was scared, worried and nervous too because of the huge loan I took and travelling to a foreign country and living all alone was a whole new experience to me but I think this is what life is really about, you can't truly value the happiness in your life until you've experienced a blend of other emotions such as sorrow, sadness, nervousness etc...

to be continued in my next post...

There's this feeling( I can't describe it) you get when you believe in something and fight for it and finally achieve it or are on your way to achieve it and that feeling is 100x better than any other emotion.

Have you experienced the feeling?

Thanks for reading??!